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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Blogpost #1

My head is spinning this morning. I created a flickr account on Thursday, after reading the Newsweek article. This is exciting to me, and I have downloaded pictures each day. We just had a graduation in our family, and I have been talking to other moms and dads, trying to get them to post pictures so we can share photos. So far, I haven't had any takers, but it has only been 2 days...
This morning, I created a myspace account. I will need some time to play around with this account, but I am excited to gain access to my kids' accounts and those of their friends. To me, this is another way of keeping an eye on what they are doing in the space, which I am sure will be relatively transparent to them. I realize they can easily have a few different accounts--one for my eyes and one for the eyes of their friends. Rebecca just showed me how to search for a friend on the site, and I found a very old-looking picture of my 14 year old! Again, the same old problems becoming more obvious in a new light--teenagers trying to look older. Ok--I am committed to keeping an open mind about the site, but it is somewhat scary for a parent.


Blogger K Tucker said...

MySpace is an interesting phenomenon, really. It's a public version of a private journal, and some people don't seem to realize that. A lot of kids want to put things out there for friends to see, but at the same time, would insist upon their right to privacy, at least from parents/teachers/other adults in power.

It's a conundrum, and an interesting social experiment.

12:21 PM  
Blogger DebbieG. said...

This MySpace period in time is really something. I think that the photo of your daughter is an issue that many parents are concerned about. As I stated in my blog, as librarians we need to educate children. Maybe she really doesn't realize what it may look like to others. You should show her some comments from people in the class, especially Rebecca's.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Michael Stephens said...

Good post and good comments!


5:08 PM  

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